Even when a source is documentary there is still no guarantee that the information contained within it is 100% correct.  Some of the information here does not have a given source. This is because when I first began my research, I made the mistake of not noting them down and so the following rules apply:

1.   The information concerned may have been taken from a large family tree that was recorded on a roll of wallpaper by an unknown author. I have since found that a small part of this information was incorrect and therefore, it can be assumed that more of it may also be wrong.

2.   A person wishing to aid my research may have given me details verbally or in writing. These people are normally other Brandricks who have personal knowledge of their past and present family members. The information they provide can sometimes be incorrect but still needs to be included so that errors can be corrected. Having said that, this type of information should never be undervalued for it is normally the basis of all other research.

I cannot stress enough that the information shown here is NOT set in stone. It would therefore be foolish for anyone to base any family revelations on the content of these web pages. If you do find that something here does not correlate with your own understanding of your family history then it is very likely that the information here is wrong. If you find anything here that is incorrect please let me know via email and I will remove/amend the details concerned. Naturally it would be advantageous if you could state why you believe it to be wrong.  Please do not ask or expect me to research your modern family (Post 1900).  You would do better to hire a Private Investigator or conduct your own family research. Indexes of all registered births, marriages and deaths are available for all to use in London and facilities also exist at most County Record Offices.


You don’t have to scroll through the whole table if you know the name of the person you are looking for. Pressing the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ keys at the same time will bring up a ‘Find’ dialogue box.  Input the relevant name date or place in the search box and Left click on 'Find Next'.  The search will then take you to the first occurrence of the data in this index. To search for further occurrences of the data just left click 'Find Next' again. Ensure you search all of the Pedigree Indexes available at this site before assuming that your ancestors are not listed.


This small pedigree begins at Robert ROBSON #949, father of Everly ROBSON.who married Benjamin James BRANDRICK #946. It is based soley on recent information from a family member.  None of the marriages/relationships are confirmed so if something is wrong please advise me accordingly! Full details are excluded because most individuals are post 1905. I could not find a place to fit this branch into any of the other Pedigrees and therefore it is currently out on its own and waiting to be ‘grafted’ into the main family tree  when suitable links are established.



First Generation


1. Robert ROBSON #949, b. 1885.  He married Eva MALBERN #950, b. 1889.

    •   Children:
    •   2. i Everly ROBSON #947 (details excluded).


Second Generation


2. Everly ROBSON #947, (1.Robert1) (details excluded).  She married Benjamin James BRANDRICK #946, (details excluded).

    •   Children:
    •   3. i Brian James BRANDRICK #941 (details excluded).
    •     ii Maureen BRANDRICK #948, b. in Manchester.


Third Generation


3. Brian James BRANDRICK #941, (2.Everly2, 1.Robert1) (details excluded).  He married Irene CRAWFORD #942, (details excluded).

    •   Children:
    •   4. i Gary James BRANDRICK #936 (details excluded).
    •     ii David Andrew BRANDRICK #945, (details excluded).


Fourth Generation


4. Gary James BRANDRICK #936, (3.Brian3, 2.Everly2, 1.Robert1) (details excluded).  He married Coleen Ann GARNER, (details excluded).

    •   Children:
    •     i Benjamin James BRANDRICK #935, (details excluded).
    •     ii Andrew David BRANDRICK #940, (details excluded)

Whilst the BRANDRICK ANCESTRY website was created by one, it represents the collective efforts of many researchers who have generously shared their knowledge, time and effort with all who view these pages.  I would like to thank all those that have been involved in producing the content of this site (directly and indirectly), without whom it would have taken much longer to get this far.

If you wish to contact me please do so via the BRANDRICK ANCESTRY FORUM.  From there you can send me a private message or post a thread for all visitors to see.

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